Current population health data reports 1 out of 7 people will fall victim to a brain injury. The lasting effects of a single occurrence or repeat exposure to brain injury is hard to detect and is in its infancy of being researched.

The National Institutes of Health defines traumatic brain injury (TBI) as an injury from a blow, jolt, or penetrating object that disrupts normal functioning of the brain. Causes of TBI include falls, car accidents, sports-related impacts and penetrating injuries.

A TBI can be mild, sometimes called a concussion; serious, causing long-term problems; or any level in between. Brain injuries can also result in a variety of physical and psychiatric symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose, and thus, difficult to treat.

Toxic poisoning also fits into the brain injury spectrum. There are nearly 1,000 substances which have been identified as having, or possibly having, neurotoxic effects. Exposure to sufficient amounts of these chemicals can cause neurological difficulties.

You Can Help Brain Injury Survivors

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Get an Accurate Diagnosis

Recognizing brain injuries is essential for treatment and support of the patient. Ruling in or out other disorders, along with knowing the severity and the precise location of the injury, is key to starting the right treatment. The BHI provides resources for victims to receive neuropsych and cognitive assessments, structural and functional imaging, blood work and genomic testing.

Receive More Targeted Treatment Plans

At BHI, we have connections to thousands of leading brain injury experts across the country. These medical practitioners have a bevy of experience helping patients get back on their feet through innovative treatments such as infrared light therapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, gyrostim therapy, neurofeedback and more.

Track Their Progress

From start to finish, BHI stays with patients through the entire treatment process. We support the use of sophisticated tools to track outcomes in a research-based approach using functional brain imaging, clinical evaluations and cognitive testing.

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